Personal Blog: New Girl Season 5

Posted January 5, 2016 by Samantha Davies in Personal Blog, Uncategorized / 0 Comments

New Girl

Finally, after a torturously long hiatus NEW GIRL HAS RETURNED! My favourite show is back and better than ever! Cece and Schmidt are finally together and engaged, the world is as it should be! Jess is back in all her singing glory, Nick is still..well Nick and I’ve missed it and Winston is a carport hero! Winnie the bitch really needed some good coming his way. The only one missing is Coach, I am still heartbroken he left the show. Hopefully he will have some guest appearances!

This episode had me splitting my sides with laughter, the whole gang is back in fine form and the writers have really stepped up their game this year. I think my favourite moment of the whole episode was Schmidt’s Bollywood dance. You know he learned those moves in 2 minutes flat.

Max Greenfield is gem!

Other highlights include Jess determinedly zipping around on a scooter, not Cece’s Mom, Nick’s infatuation with not Cece’s Mom and Winston’s terrible pranking skills. I cannot wait for the rest of season 5!

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