Review Policy

I would be happy to receive ARC’s and ebooks for reviewing, I do prefer print form whenever possible though. In exchange I will post an honest review of my thoughts on the book up on my blog NeverCat Books, Instagram, Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.

My Preferences:

I read Young Adult and Adult novels.

As for genres I prefer:

  • Paranormal 
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Biographies
  • Non-Fiction
  • Crime

And genres I prefer not to read:

  • Horror

My Reviews:

I only post honest and fair reviews about books. I do not like book bashing and even it is something I really dislike I will try to be fair in my review of it. If I cannot finish a book I will only post a review if I am 80% finished.

You can expect the following criteria in my reviews:

  • I will take the book summary from the book jacket, amazon or good reads. I do prefer the book jacket whenever possible. If I cannot find a summary anywhere I will write my own. 
  • I will post my reviews on my blog, goodreads, facebook and twitter accounts.
  • I only post fair and honest reviews.
  • I will rate the book with my star system.

Rating System:

I rate my books using a Five Star rating system.

  • 5 Stars = I loved this book with all my little heart and will recommend to everyone. 
  • 4 Stars = A pretty solid read and will probably still purchase the book even if it has a few flaws.
  • 3 Stars = I liked but wasn’t super impressed.
  • 2 Stars = I feel “meh” about this book usually that means it’s not for me.
  • 1 Stars = I really didn’t enjoy reading this book and may even have had a hard time finishing it.

Contact Me: 

If you are interested in having me review your book shoot me off and email preferably with all your details including title, summary, genre and author. I will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your request.

FTC Disclaimer:

All books I review here on NeverCat Books are either borrowed or purchased by myself or given by a author/publisher to revew. I DO NOT accept and compensation or payments for my reviews and all reviews are my own thoughts of my reading experiences.




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