Toxic Part Two

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Toxic Part TwoToxic Part Two by Addison Moore
on November 20th 2012
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 458
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Skyla Messenger’s days are drawing to an end.

Seventeen year-old Skyla has been taken by the Counts, is under the strict punishment of her mother in a war gifted in her honor, and is the only hope of the people captive in the tunnels. Everything that can go wrong has. For Skyla, life is panning out to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Relationships change.
The war draws to an end.
Death comes to Paragon.

Skyla must decide if she is brave enough to sacrifice everything in order to save her people.

My Thoughts: 

Toxic has lots of laughs and brings the action… but I only gave this book 3 stars because Skyla is starting to get a little frustrating for me to read.

The series started off great and I found the love story between Logan, Gage, Marshall and Skyla very interesting. Marshall is a hilarious and Gage makes me feel all weak in the knees imagining his raven hair and deep blue eyes. I would choose Gage any day! Logan I felt so sorry for considering all the bad things that happened to him and his family but he is starting to make me mad as well. He didn’t even give a Gage a chance with Skyla even though she was the girl from his visions. Then set him up in a “fake” relationship and was mad when they fell for each other when he was the one that put them in that position! The whole time I was reading Toxic I felt so bad for Gage and the way he was getting treated by Skyla and Logan. Especially since Logan blatantly started trying to steal his nephew’s girlfriend.

I liked that Skyla seemed to genuinely care for both Logan and Gage and she is even is starting to see the caring side of Marshall and fall for him too. What bothers me is how it is so easy to sway Skyla’s trust in them all. Especially poor Gage. This whole book she seemed to jump between hating him and claiming to love him. It’s a little frustrating especially since it’s Chloe who is making her doubt him and she knows Chloe is trying to sabotage their relationship. How many times does he have to throw himself under the bus for her to prove his love? Also how in the hell does she keep killing her friends???!!! She seriously needs some anger management classes so she stops accidentally slicing and dicing people.

Anyways I’m done with my Skyla is a dumbass rant… for now. I do hope we see more of her and Marshall in Elysian cause he is entertaining and has really started to grow on me. I think he really does care about Skyla too and I don’t want him or Gage to get their hearts broken. Also I was super impressed when Skyla finally stood up to her bitchy angel of a Mother. I mean, setting your daughter up to look like she murdered the boy she loves is wrong on so many levels. So is deciding for her who she thinks she should love. I liked that Skyla was a strong female character and that she was choosing who she wants to give herself too and every time she makes that decision with Gage her Mom screws it up! I really want to know who Skyla ultimately chooses or if maybe Addison Moore can just split her in three everyone can be happy!

Also if Skyla is going to kill anyone else it needs to Chloe because that is evil incarnate. I know future Skyla says never to let her die but how many more people is Chloe going to brutally murder before someone stops her? Anyways I did like this book but I hope Skyla is more decisive in the last book and we get a little solid choice from her in the end. If you haven’t read the series I would recommend giving it a try!


“Finally,” I say, brushing past him as I make my way inside. The heavenly scent of something delicious lights up my senses.
“Come in,” he says with a note of sarcasm.
Marshall strides over and takes me in with my hair all frizzed out, my sweater torn in two places and I look like I’ve just indulged in a mud bath. A dirty smile slides up the side of his face and I can practically see the pornographic implications playing out in his mind.
“You’re absolutely filthy—and I most definitely approve.” His smile blooms into an all-out sexual leer as he comes in close. “I might be moved to bathe you.” He caresses his hand over the side of my cheek. I’m so damn tired I close my eyes and lean into his good vibrations. “Oh, how I’ll scrub,” he whispers.”

“I hear everything he’s saying, but mentally I’m picturing a sword hidden in my body like some medieval tampon, and suddenly, I’m afraid to sit down”


About Addison Moore

Addison Moore is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she’s not writing, she’s reading.

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