Veronica Mars!

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So  I have spent the majority of this week binge watching one of my favourite shows, Veronica Mars, in anticipation of finally reading the book The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

I was trying to hold out as long as I could before the next book comes out so I still have some marshmallow goodness to still look forward too. To my delight the “spin off” show Play It Again, Dick is finally here and I get my fix watching that as well. If you haven’t watched it and your a Veronica Mars fan you really need too. Ryan Hansen aka Dick Casablancas is a gem. I’ve never loved a character that was such a douche bag so much before, and I seriously almost pee myself from laughing so hard.


If you haven’t watched Veronica Mars, well you just haven’t lived. Go to Netflix now and do it! Veronica Mars is a mix of Nancy Drew meets Buffy and was one of the female characters I seriously looked up to when I was younger and wanted to be like. Also there is one of the most epic love stories of all time between Logan and Veronica who have been my OTP since I was a teen. I still bawl over Logan’s speeches plus there is something really hot about him beating everyone up for her all the time lol.



I seriously need to be kissed like this one day.

It was cancelled way too soon and I hope one day they will realize that and bring the series back. In the mean time I have the movie and books to console me.


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